Mission Statement

" There's a reason behind every action. When Codeavor was founded, the vision was a place where people would learn to tackle the entire interview process from start to end. It is more than a coding club. Its more than a mock presentation practice platform. Its more than a technical workshop. We aspire to elevate our group together to newer heights by providing opportunities to learn and collaborate amongst a crowd of like minded individuals. Beyond building everyone to be a technical superstar, each member is given the chance to lead their own session. Developing confidence and executive leadership within our community by planning, designing and running sessions is vital as it empowers each individual to enter a virtuous cycle of success. As a foundation of our principles we laid down that our mission was not about success as an indiviudal. The reason for our Codeavor is success as a group. " - Harsha Srikara


Harsha Srikara

Hi! My name is Harsha Srikara and am a Founder of Codeavor. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas currently double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. My interests primarily lie in the confluence of software engineering and statistical analysis. This has led me to build a strong background in the conceptual underpinnings of important fields such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning. I have previous experience working in both academic research as well as in corporate environment. During Spring 2019, I interned as a neuroanalytics intern at the Center for Brain Health under Principal Investigator Francesca Filbey. As part of my capstone project in the lab, I developed an end to end framework for detecting marijuana addiction from applying machine learning to brain scans. Beginning in the summer of 2019 to present, I worked as a junior software engineer at Brainspace, an innovation driven, artificial intelligence powered, information retrieval company. My role involved designed testing frameworks for the core machine learning algorithms to benchmark performance and optimize parametrization of the continuous multi-modal learning system. Apart from work experience, I am involved with the Association for Computing Machinery, the largest student organization at UT Dallas as the Director of Development. My role is build and design innovative software to support our vibrant student community. Another organization that I deeply prioritize is the Freshman Mentor Program at UT Dallas. Working with a leadership team, I’ve coordinated, designed and ran several soft-skill workshops that train over 1000+ students on effective communication and mentorship strategies. We seek to empower every freshman on campus to improve their academic and social standing by pairing them with a trained upperclassmen that can help them navigate their challenging first year. In Fall 2019, I launched Codeavor as an opportunity to share the knowledge, skills and training that I have accumulated over time to empower more students to reach greater heights on their road to success.

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